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Help! I need your thoughts and ideas

As many of you know, I LOVE to travel and explore new places, culture and adventure.  I have had this blog for almost a year and have failed to keep up with my writing.  It is because I feel like my contents were very similar to what is already out there.  I want to share my ideas and experiences with you and the rest of the world, but I want it to be different and fun.

This is where I need your help. Can you tell me what YOU would like to read about/see?  When you want to travel, what do you look for in a site? Anything you can suggest is greatly appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you and can’t wait to get started on this fun new project/adventure.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas.

My Bucket List

I would like to apologize for being away from my blog for the past several months.  Life sometimes gets in the way and there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done.  Victor and I have been doing some light traveling this summer and my office recently moved.  In addition, writer’s block decided to pay me a visit.  I could not find the words to express myself.  The ideas were there, but when I put my fingers to the keyboard nothing happened.  I found myself staring at a blank screen.  In the midst of my writer’s block, I started doing a little soul-searching.  I am very fortunate to have the life that I have and am very grateful for it.  BUT, there are times, more often than not, that I feel there is something more for me out there.  The only way I can find out what that is, is to explore and follow my heart’s desire.

The best way for me to keep track of all of the things I want to do and the places I want to visit is by starting a Bucket List.  What is a Bucket List?  A Bucket List is not a list of all the types of buckets that are available at Home Depot.  It is a list of things you would like to do in your lifetime. It’s a list of things you want to do before you “kick the bucket” so to speak. There was even a movie with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson based on this whole idea (The Bucket List).  For me, it is a list of places I want to visit, adventures I would like to take, and tasks I would like to learn or perfect before I leave this world.

I keep my Bucket List on my iTouch and on my bulletin board.  I want to be reminded everyday of the things I must do before I die.  With that said, I would like to share my Bucket List with you.  Please keep in mind that this is not in any particular order.  As I think of something I want to do, I will add it to the list.

Places I want to Visit:


African Safari


Mt. Rushmore

Yellowstone National Park


Costa Rica

Hike to the Colorado River and do a river trip

Drive across the USA

Live in another Country for 6-12 months

Machu Picchu

Spend one year traveling around the world

Continue to expose my nieces and nephews to new places and cultures

Visit every baseball park in the USA

Spend a week at Ace Adventure in West Virginia

Quebec, Canada


Things I would like to accomplish:

Have a successful blog

Improve my photography skills

Go Sky Diving

Go on a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Complete a Mini-Triathlon

Teach English as a second language in a foreign country, preferably a Latin American country

Volunteer more often

Learn to dance Salsa.  (It’s a crime that I do not know how to dance Salsa.)

Become certified in sports first aid

Buy a country cottage or beach bungalow

Learn how to drive an 18 Wheeler

Get a CDL license

Drive a race car

Everyone’s Bucket List is different. My list will continue to grow and I will continue to update it.  I would love to know what your Bucket List is.  If you do not have one, start one.  And, if anyone has done any of these things, please tell me all about your experience.

Don’t forget to Seize the Day and Get Cari’d Away!

In a related post, I spoke about 12 Ways to Get Cari’d Away in the NYC/NJ Area this Memorial Day Weekend. And in my last post, 4 Ways to Get Cari’d Away for Sex and The City 2, I wrote about some more things you can do in the NYC.  This time, I will give you some ideas on how to Get Cari’d Away in Philadelphia, PA, Washington, DC and Mystic, CT.  I want to encourage you to take a day trip and explore other cities.       

Before I begin, I would like to thank @VisitPA on Twitter, for their assistance.  I highly recommend that you follow them.  Their tweets are full of useful information and if you have any questions regarding Pennsylvania, they will be more than happy to assist you.   You can also visit their website at  With that said, I’m going to begin the journey with Philly.       



1. Philly is a city full of history.  It is where the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776.  During your exploration of this terrific town, you can visit Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence was signed, and the Liberty Bell Center.       

For more information, location and hours, visit:       




2. You CANNOT visit Philly without having a cheese steak sandwich.  Geno’s Steaks and Pat’s King of Steaks are long time rivals and are amongst the most well known cheese steak houses.  Try both sandwiches and decide for yourself which one is the best.  You can also try Jim’s Steaks or Tony Luke’s, which is known for their roast pork.       

Location and Hours of Operation:       

Pat’s King of Steaks (My favorite ;-))
1237 East Passyunk Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19147-5060
Open 24/7
Geno’s Steaks
1219 S 9th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147
Open 24 hours

 Jim’s Steaks
400 South Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147      

Mon. – Thurs 10am – 1am
Fri. – Sat. 10am – 3am
Sun. 11am- 10pm  

Tony Luke’s
39 East Oregon Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19148
(Front & Oregon Ave)       

Monday-Thursday  6am-Midnight
Friday & Saturday   6am-2am
Sunday  CLOSED       




3. Horses are such graceful and beautiful creatures; so why not enjoy a day at the Devon Horse Show and County Fair.  Some of the activities available are equestrian shows, Children’s Day, and the Devon Doggie Parade.       

For more information, visit:      

Lancaster Pike and Dorset Rd
Devon, PA 19333      




4. Love gardens, flowers, and fountains?  Then you must visit Longwood Gardens.  There are over 11,000 types of plants and trees, as well as different fountain gardens.  The Main Fountain Garden  stretches over 5 acres and offers a musical illuminated fountain show every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 9:15pm-9:45pm.  This event begins on Saturday May 29 and goes through Sept 4, 2010.       

Let’s not forget Fireworks.   If you love beautiful displays of light against the night sky,  then you’re in luck!  On Sunday, May 30, 2010, you can enjoy the spectacular luminance at 9:15pm in Longwood Gardens.       

For more information, visit:       

Location and Hours of Operation:
1001 Longwood Road
Kennett Square , PA 19348       

May 29–September 5, 2010
Mon., Tues., Wed. and Sun. 9 am–6 pm
Thurs., Fri. and Sat. 9am–10 pm
Please note: on Saturday, July 10, Saturday, July 24 and Saturday, August 14, the Gardens will close at 6:00 pm to everyone except Fireworks ticket holders.       



Photo from


5. Have a need for some fresh air and the country?  Then Dingmans Ferry, PA is a great place to visit.  It’s less than two hours from NYC and is located right on the Delaware River.  You can spend the day exploring and appreciating their waterfalls.  Bushkill Falls is considered the Niagara Falls of Pennsylvania because of its stunning beauty.  For more information, visit:       

For a list of other waterfalls in Dingmans Ferry, PA, visit:       




6.  Take a trip to Washington, DC.  You won’t regret it.  There’s no better way to honor the memories of those who have served this country than a trip down to the capital. A wonderful place to visit is the National Mall. There, you will find the Washington Monument, Lincoln’s Memorial, and the  Vietnam Veterans Memorial – The Wall-USA.  The National Memorial Day Parade, Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Rally, The Arlington National Cemetery, and Navy Memorial, are just a few other activities being held this weekend.       

Here are some links for more information:       

Vietnam Veterans Memorial       

National Mall & Memorial Parks Memorial Day weekend 2010       




7.  Let’s not forget the Smithsonian.  This is an incredible array of museums in DC, which are FREE of charge.  There are art galleries, African Art Museums, History Museums and even a Zoo.       

For more information, locations and hours, visit:       




8.  Want to visit an old New England town?  Then how about Mystic, CT?  You can enjoy a day at the Mystic Aquarium and grab a bite at Mystic Pizza, which was the location of the 80’s movie Mystic Pizza.       

For more information and a list of other activities, visit: and/or       

Locations and Hours of Operation       

Mystic Aquarium
55 Coogan Boulevard
Mystic, CT 06355-1997       

Open daily 9am-6pm (last admission at 5pm)       

Mystic Pizza
56 West Main Street
Mystic, CT 06355       

Open Daily  10am-10pm       


I hope I have encouraged you to explore a new city.  There is so much to do and see in Philly, DC, and Mystic.  I guarantee you won’t find it difficult to Get Cari’d Away!  Don’t forget, not only is the Memorial Day weekend the unofficial start to summer, but it is the time for us to remember and celebrate all of the men and women who have served our country.       

After the long weekend, I would love to hear how you Seized the Day and Got Cari’d Away!       

Enjoy and be safe!

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